Power steering

Power steering went out on my 2006 chev hhr after battery went dead and was replaced what will this cost to fix


It depends on what’s wrong with it. And shop rates in your area, and where the shop gets its parts from. Have you had it diagnosed?

Oh, and have you checked the fuses? Your HHR has an electric power assist system rather than hydraulic, so it could be a simple blown fuse.

RepairPal.com says $450 for a new rack.

We can’t tell you how much it will cost because none of us here know what is wrong with your P.S. system…There may be a recall involved…I would let a Chevy dealer take a look at it…They have the equipment to properly diagnose the problem.

I can’t think of any relationship between a battery replacement and the power steering function. Did you notice this symptom immediately after the battery was replaced?

Are there any other electrical functions on the car that are not working properly?

The power steering on your car is entirely electrical. I would have the shop check the body control system for fault codes and monitor the data stream.