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Power steering

I had posted a question about power steering pump that went out in my car. My husband put a new pump on and everything is fine except there appears to be a frothy bubbling in the resevoir. Could this be air in the hoses that needs to be bled out? Any ideas? Thanks!

Did you not follow the instructions to bleed the lines of the power steering pump? I hope you used a repair manual or guide. Here’s what mine says.

  1. Fill the reservoir to the MAX level mark with approved power steering fluid.

  2. With the engine idling, turn the wheels from the right to the left side as far as possible, several times.

  3. Refill the reservoir to the MAX level and repeat the procedure until the level does not change.

Aside from the very good advice already given, just to explain, the PS system is high pressure and the fluid foams very easily. You can bleed the system just by letting it foam at any connection if you leave a slightly loose connection and start the car and slowly turn the steering wheel (yes, it works, just as it works for the brake hydraulics). You would just need to have a wrench on the leaking hose when the foaming stops, tighten the nut and refill the reservoir.