Bubbles in power steering

I have a 2002 dodge ram 4.7L 2wd and after getting it back from a engine rebuild 2nd try 800 miles away (long story) now the power steering groans and the fluid level is high and is frothy. The guy that rebuilt the engine is not cooperative (as well as being 800 miles away). I suspect that the monkeys he has pull & replace the engines did something wrong in the process because I had no problems before the rebuild. the engine also has a clackety diesel sound but I don’t expect that you can diagnose that without hearing it. If you can shine some light on my bubble problem, I would be very grateful.



If the fluid reservoir is located away from the pump, remove it and clean it. You will find a filter screen in the bottom…If it’s plugged up, that will starve the pump.

You need to take it back to them, they need to bleed the power steering system.

I think the last power steering pump that I replaced, they said to put the return line from the rack in to a drain pan and another line from the pump’s return port in to a gallon of fresh power steering fluid. Jack up the front of the rig so that the wheels are off the ground, start the rig, and move your wheels from full left to full right (lock to lock) several times. This will force the air out of your system.

Reconnect the return line from the rack to the pump, and you’re good to go. Should cut down the wine and will get rid of the froth (both of which are simply results of air being in the system).

Did the car drive back the 800 miles? It often takes a couple of days for the air to work out of a power steering system after it is opened up.