Power Steering still groaning after new hose!

About two weeks ago I had my PS high pressure hose replaced due to a leak. The guys at the shop said they worked the air out of the system. A few days later I uncapped the reservoir and did the turn of the wheel 15 or so times. Still groaning.

Now, approx. 14 days later, it’s still groaning. Does it sound like I might have damaged the pump by driving with a leak (I filled the reservoir before each trip)? Or could it be something worse?

Without knowing the make, model, year, and mileage of your vehicle, the only thing I can suggest is that if it’s old and/or high mileage the pump may be going.

In addition to acting as a hydraulic fluid, your PS fluid lubricates and removes heat. If you were running it while it was too low, that may have been the cause of the pump dying. If not, perhaps it’s just tired.

Was it groaning before they replaced the hose?

2000 Maxima with 202,xxx miles.

It was groaning before they replaced the hose. PS fluid was leaking out of the high pressure hose. Eventually, it was leaking too fast to keep refilling the reservoir. That’s when i got it fixed.

Your PS pump is now bad. It needs to be replaced. I’m surprised the shop didn’t tell you that when they heard the groaning.