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Power steering service

Where is the power steering fluid drained on a 2006 Dodge Charger?

It probably doesn’t have a drain. If you want to change out the fluid, most methods involve sucking the fluid out of the reservoir and refilling a few times until you’re left with mostly clean fluid.

That is the method I use. I suggest you buy a cheap siphon pump at the auto parts store to drain the fluid. I change it, drive the car for a few days, and then change it again.

This begs the question, does your owner’s manual even have a service interval for the power steering fluid? Mine doesn’t, so I have only changed it once.

There isn’t one. But it would be wise to change the power steering fluid.

Unlike days ago, we had heavy duty power steering pumps made of cast iron and steering sectors made of cast iron. Today we have rack and pinion assemblies and pumps made from cast almag (aluminum/magnesium). Doesn’t handle the heat as well, nor does the fluid that protects it. Do a power steering flush BEFORE you need a rack and pinion assembly.