Repair and maint

I feel like one of the three stooges. After replacing the power steering filler hose on my 98 Dodge Stratus I grabbed a bottle of fluid to refill it. I opend the bottle and poured it in. OMG! LOL! I’d grabbed the brake fluid instead of the power steering fluid. Good thing I wasn’t reaching for my coffee which was between the two bottles. Now what do I do? Where is the drain plug on the pump? Is there a drain plug? I could remove the filler hose and let fluid dump all over my face. Would that drain enough to fix the mixup? I haven’t driven the car since I goofed but I did turn it on and work the wheel to get rid of air.

If you remove the pump and pour out the brake fluid and repeatedly fill and dump the pump you may be able to save it. Also flush power steering fluid through the reservoir and hose. Brake fluid is not kind to the rubber in the power steering system.

Also, after reassembling the system you should repeatedly run the engine, turn the wheel lock to lock, empty and refill the reservoir with the correct fluid. The brake fluid will usually be a noticeable contaminate in the reservoir and must be flushed out.