Power steering pump leak 2004 chevy tahoe lt

I’m thinking the seal is bad, just want to be sure before i get a new one. Pump was just replaced 3 months ago, but just the pump not the reservoir. I didn’t replace it, nor did a shop, a guy that did my transmission did. Started leaking lightly about 3 weeks after replaced but just recently started almost completely draining overnight. turned the truck on and had someone move the steering wheel left and right to put pressure on the pump and saw it was leaking from the crack where the reservoir houses the pump. Doesn’t leak from anywhere else, checked all the hoses for cracks and were good. Has steering box, not a rack and pinion. Steering box was also wet tho but im guessing it was from the pump leak or me just missing everytime i fill the power steering pump without a funnel. I’m thinking the seal is bad, just want to be sure before i get a new one. I also see what looks like a missing bolt, but not sure if its just screwed deep down there or not in the picture, havent taken the pump out.

I’d say the pump to reservoir seal is bad… based on the picture alone. It is possible the leak is from the o-ring on the pipe end shown in the picture. Leaking at the hose end will trickle down to the drip on the reservoir, I think. I don’t know what is UP in the picture, for sure.

Remove the pipe and inspect the o-ring. If it is bad, replace it, refill and test for leaks. Replace the pump and reservoir assembly if it doesn’t.

You might want to find another guy for that work. Maybe a pro.

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