Leaking between reservoir and power steering pump

2001 Cavalier 2.2 5-speed manual 260K. Air getting sucked into the system, pump howling, no matter how much fluid I add or how much fluid is in the reservoir, nothing helps or changes - so my conclusion is that the leak is between the reservoir and the pump. My question is - can you remove the reservoir from the pump without removing the pump? And if so, is there a known-of seal or washer that fixes this issue?

Are you actually losing fluid? You don’t say you are.

There is an O ring between the 2 parts but fluid will leak if the seal is bad.

I’d suggest your pump is bad, not sucking air.

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Yes. Leaking. Puddles / drops directly below the pump/reservoir. Pump was replaced 2 years ago.

See if one of the hydraulic hoses are leaking…the pressure hose or the supply hose…highly suspect on a car this old.Clean everything with aerosol brake cleaner then start engine, turn the steering wheel to build up pressure and watch for leak.It should be obvious.

There’s an O-ring that seals the reservoir to the pump.

It looks like the reservoir just lifts off the pump.