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Power steering parts/problem in 1988 Honda

I have a 1989 Honda Accord DX with less than 120k miles. I have two problems. 1) the low pressure hose for the power steering has worn out and is leaking by the fittings (badly) and I can’t find the parts to fix it. The high pressure hose was also leaking but we found and replaced that part, and 2) I accidentally topped off the power steering reservoir with break fluid (this was after I already knew the leaks existed). Suggestions for getting the replacement parts/comments about my boo-boo?

Many large auto parts stores will fabricate a power steering hose for you. Just take in the old hose. I hope you used a turkey baster and removed the brake fluid before you started the engine. If you only added an ounce or two you might not be in too bad a shape since the power steering fluid will dilute it’s strength. It still needs to be removed however.

Brake fluid will quickly soften all the rubber parts in the power steering system…It needs to be removed and the system FLUSHED once or twice…If the brake fluid has been in the system for any period of time, you can expect all of the rubber parts in the system to fail…

Yikes - I didn’t…I drove it about 20 miles so I am probably out of luck with the wrong fluid part, even though it was only an ounce or two…the good news is that it still leaking so more has leaked out. Thanks for fabrication idea.

Only an ounce or two for a short period of time is survivable…Back in the day, brake fluid in very small amounts was used as a stop leak in various things because it softened hardened seals and “conditioned” them so the oil leak would stop…But results were unreliable and if overdone, result in seal and hose failure…