Power steering leak"

I have a leak my car 2002 Lincoln LS V8

The leak coming fr the fuse fr the power steering pump" my question is can the container be empty w out fluid for a while! While the car is sittin and not be driven! I’m not driving the car at all its been siting for a month now until I fix a few repairs but I jus notice it has a leak pretty bad! Can u tell me if its ok sitiin w out drivin parked w out power fluid?

Don’t start the car up without fluid in the reservoir; it will quickly wear out various components. Just go to any automotive store and buy a quart, top it up and drive it to the shop where you are having it fixed.

Yes, it can SIT without being turned on with the reservoir empty.

Ok thanks I ve been doin that I put fluid in the car be4 I do start it" up just so my battery won’t kill over’ but I was jus wondering I’m thinking of jus lettin it sit w out untill I do get it repair! Ok thanks I ve been doin good than! Thanks

Another question! Sence I have to replace the fuse to the power steering pump should jus goin and a head replace the pump and hose line as well or no only if its needed to what’s y opinion?