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Power Steering Leak

I notice the power steering fluids are low on my 2001 BMW. I checked the hoses myself, and find one leaking. Then, I took it to a machinic. He inspected the car only by looking down with the hood up. He wanted to replace the supply and return hoses. Is he right? Do both need replacing? Is this easy to do myself?

It is usually best to replace both lines at the same time, although maybe economically y may seem that way at the moment. What probably will happen is that the line you don’t replace will start leaking and you have to go trough the whole thing again.

I have never replaced powersteering hoses on a BMW, but I do know that on some of the cars that I have done it, was quite uncomfortable. Good Luck.

Although I don’t have a BMW, yes, you can replace them yourself. It’s a bit of a tight fit and using a screwdriver to pry off the return line helps. But make sure you have tools that actually fit all the different connections, first. We had to use a 4-ended lug nut wrench to get the nut off the pressure hose on my Prizm!! As far as both, money determines that right now.

If one hose is gone, the other is probably going to follow. I’d do both.

How much is it leaking? Is the hose leaking or is the leak at a connection?

I can see consider amount of residue on the bottom panel. Using a cloth, I wiped the return hose connector and saw some more fluid seepping out. I don’t see much flow from the supply hose, but there are dry residue under the reservoir as well. Why not replace the pressure hose, too? Can just replacing or tighten the connectors fix the leaks?

Thank you for your answers. I am fairly convience this is a job for the pros.