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Power steering leak on 03 trailblazer

Went under truck and saw fluid. Squeezed the rubber boot and fluid poured out does that mean the steering rack needs to be replaced? If so how hard is it to replace?

Welcome back. I thought this was you, from this post.

You will either want to replace or rebuild the rack.

A replacement rack will run you about $355, after you return the old rack. You can remove it first if you like to make life easier. A rebuild kit is available for about $48, but you have to know how to rebuild it, and generally if there are any damaged parts inside then you’ll be into more dosh, too. It’s far simpler to just replace it, and most mechanics I know will want to do just that.

Depending on whether your truck is 2X4 or 4X4, with the V6 or V8, this can be a time consuming process. Maybe OK or Tester (or someone else) can give you time estimates. Provide the above info for your truck for them to give a semi-accurate guess.


This is a inline 6 ls modle 4 wheel dr. That part looks differnt than what I see under the car

Mostly they just use generic pictures that are “representative” of the actual part. If you go to the store and look, it’ll be the right part.

Once you do change it, be sure and get an alignment.

That and new set of tires tomorrow