Power Steering Hose

I have a '97 Jetta and today the Power Steering Fluid was everywhere but where it was supposed to be, and i got some fluid to put in, but I might as well have just poured it on the ground.

I know where the hole is…so i need to get it done. What is the general price for it/would it be possible to learn how to do it yourself?

Power steering hoses are not very technical to replace but you may need some special wrenches to get the fittings loose.

You can either have a hose made at a hydraulic hose outlet or easier(but probably more expensive)is get the exact hose from the dealer.

That hose will cost you about $45 if you buy it from one of the on-line parts houses.

Replacing it is just loosening and tightening two fittings. The trick is getting to those two fittings. Power steering hoses tend to be located in tight quarters. If yours looks reasonably easy to get at, it may not be bad.