Power steering fluid

I have a 2007 Impala with 61,000 miles. Last time i had my oil changed, the mechanic brought to my attention that the power steering fluid was a dark color and should be changed out. Does this necessarily have to be done just because the color is no longer what it was in the beginning?

If it’s dark, that warrants changing. Just go to the parts store, buy a couple of quarts of power steering fluid and a syringe (or a turkey baster). Get an empty gallon milk jug, pull out as much old fluid as you can with the baster, then fill to the full mark with the new fluid. Drive around for a while and cycle the steering wheel from side to side, then repeat the removal/fill routine. This’ll replace your fluid for less than $20. Check it in a month, if it’s dark again you might have a problem.

With most cars, you can disconnect the return hose from the reservoir, stick it in an empty jug, start the engine and in a few seconds, all the old fluid will be in the jug…Don’t run the engine for more than say 15 seconds or you can damage the pump by running it dry. Then peer down into the reservoir and check for any debris, hose particles and such…You may see a little filter screen down in there…

Thank you. I will try this.