Power Steering Flush

So I got my oiled changed today and they showed me that my power-steering fluid is nearly black and suggested a flush.

1) I’m guessing they’re right, and want to flush out the grit (but not for the $90 that they charge)

2) How much power-steering fluid do I need to purchase for this operation?

Any thoughts? Am I off my rocker? How much fluid should I buy if the flush is a good way to go?

check other posts on this subject and you will get a great step by step about how to do this relatively simple job. hint, You will need a turkey baster.

Did you go to a quick-lube place? If so, did you verify that your fluid is actually black? Too often these places show you fluid that isn’t yours to trick you into a change.

Just because the fluid is dark, doesn’t mean that there’s grit in there. Suck out as much as you can with a turkey baster & add fresh fluid. Drive it. Exchange fluid again. You may have to do this a few times before you end up with light colored PS fluid in there.

Start out buying 1 qt but you’ll probably need 2, depending on how many times you repeat this process.

Look at your brake fluid. This should be changed every 3 years. It may be dark too.

You can change the power steering fluid yourself. Purchase three quarts of power steering fluid. Place a catch pan below the power steering reservior. Remove the low pressure hose from the reservior and plug the nipple on the reservior. Pour clean fluid into the reservior. With the low pressure hose pointing into the catch pan, have someone start the engine and when the fluid is almost gone in the reservior turn the engine off. Refill the reservior and repeat until the fluid going into the catch pan is as clean as the new fluid. Reconnect the low pressure hose and fill the power steering system.