Power steering fluid replacement

what is the correct procedure for changing power steering fluid ?

If this is just preventative (no problem with the pump or oil) I’d just get a turkey baster, remove as much oil fluid as possible and top off with new. If you want to be extra thorough, run the car around the block and do it again.

the fluid is darkened and a mechanic wants $80.00 to change it.

Sounds like you can save about $70.

Your mechanic probably has a machine that connects to the fluid reservior where it captures the old fluid being pumped back to the reservior while new fluid is being pumped into the reservior. This replaces all the power steering fluid.

If you want to do the same thing, remove the return line to the reservior and plug the nipple on reservior. Point the return line into a catch pan. Fill the reservior with fresh fluid. Have someone start the engine until the fluid in the reservior drops and then turn off the engine. Refill the reservior and repeat until the fluid going into the catch pan is as clean as the new fluid. Reattach the hose and fill the reservior with new fluid.