OOPS! wrong fluid used

What damage,(if any),would occur from using Steering Wheel fluid instead of Brake fluid? I actually did not do it,…I wouldn’t even know where to put it…? Don’t laugh…Could it cause damage to the brake system? Thanks for your advice.

How much fluid, and make, model, year of car or truck?

The fluids are not compatible. You will need to take it to your mechanic, and have the brake system flushed. I do not know how the two fluids interact, but brake fluid is pretty critical, and I would not take the chance.

[b] This is a serious error. [/b]   Power steering fluid can't handle the heat in the brakes and if they heat up, as they normally do in normal use, you could find yourself without brakes.  

Did you just top it off with it, or did you replace all the fluid?  I suggest if you just topped it off, that you start by removing all you can from the tank, a turkey boaster usual works well.  Then have the system flushed. I suspect that will be all that is needed, but if someone who knows better than I, and that could be quite a few, says you need more, then follow their advice.  If someone suggest it is not a problem, then ignore them.  Power steering fluid is not brake fluid. 

I don't know what might be in the power steering fluid that might not be comparable with the materials in the brake system, but you do need to get flushed at the minimum.

It’s not that the fluids are incompatible (and they aren’t) or that they can’t handle the heat. That’s not the main issue. It’s the petroleum base it’s made from. The power steering fluid will attack and ruin the rubber parts of the braking system and cause braking failure. If the oil based fluid wasn’t flushed out immediately, major parts of the braking system containing rubber seals may now have to be replaced. Once the oil touches the rubber, it starts to be absorbed and flushing won’t remove what’s already absorbed.

If you’re lucky, maybe only the master cylinder has to be replaced but keep in mind this is a safety problem and as Joseph said, this is a serious error.

Agree; brake fluid is a unique substance designed to handle a lot of heat without boiling. If you had other fluid in the system, or water. the system would need to be bled and purged. Having anything but brake fluid in your system could be dangerous!