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Power Steering Cuts Out Ford Fusion

We have a 1 year old Ford Fusion. it’s a nice car except that the power steering periodically cuts out. If we turn off the motor and turn it on again, the power steering comes back to normal. we took it to the Dealer 1x but they claimed everything was fine! What a bunch of lunk heads.The problem has occurred at least 3 or 4 times and I worry it will happen on the Freeway at 65 mph leading to an accident.

I’m afraid i won’t be able to buy another Ford if their is what they call a qualtiy product

The power steering wouldn’t cause much of a problem on the highway since you’re going mostly in a straight line, and cars are much easier to steer at that speed even without power assist. Plus, all cars have a ‘manual’ steering linkage so you still have control if the power steering goes out.

That said, obviously a problem exists. Does this car have electric power steering?

Whenever a dealership is delivering less than adequate service, you need to “kick it up a notch” by contacting Ford at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

If you tell the Ford customer service person (in a non-shrill, mature, calm tone of voice) that you believe a significant safety defect exists with your car, they will see to it that you receive proper attention for this probable defect.

Does this car have electric power steering?

I was wondering, too.

The hybrid definitely DOES have it; it seems somewhat likely that it might be installed across all “trim levels” in interest of parts commonality.

If Ford is reluctant to help, suggest that you will file a formal complaint with the NTSB.

Your vehicle has electronic steering. And this operates from the steering wheel angle sensor. If this sensor is defective, it can cause the problem you describe.


I have 38K on my 2010 Fusion, I get the same thing every few thousand miles. I took it to the dealer, and they claim the computer has no code of it ever happening. To make matters worse, its a company car, so they are never motivated to do any actual work on the cars. I have tried googleling the problem and found a few people with the same issue, how could the dealer not know whats going on…