Power steering/Breaks

I lost my power steering line and discovered that it was connected to my breaks so needless to say I lost both and found myself in a very dangerous situation. Is there some type of retro fit to make the power steering and break lines individual lines?

I don’t know where you are getting your information from but your power steering and brakes are not connected. If you lost both, you have two different problems.

I did not think that the two were connected but when the hose for the power steering went so did the breaks, when the power steering hose was replaced the breaks also came back. It is not easy stopping an F 350 in traffic. The mechanic did nothing to the breaks just replace the power steering hose. So what am I missing?

This is a diesel truck, right? there is no way to separate the 2. Most power brakes work off engine vacuum but since a diesel has none it uses a hydro-boost system, using fluid pressure from the power steering pump to provide the power assist for the brakes.

Yes this is a diesel truck and thank you so much for the answer, I did not believe my mechanic at first. But now it all makes sense…the minute the power steering is a bit off get it fixed.

Usually there is an accumulator in the hydroboost unit that will give you a few assisted applications. But once the accumulator is depleted, you are on leg force alone. Therefore, if you should lose power steering, apply the brakes once and don’t release until the vehicle is stopped, parked, and the emergency brake applied.

I get the feeling that you don’t know anything about F350’s, yet you are trying to correct the OP, who does know. The brakes are hydraulically boosted from the power steering pump on these diesel trucks.