F250 w/ possible hydroboost problem?

I have a 2007 F250 that recently lost brakes and power steering after getting stuck in the sand. The truck felt like the brakes were stuck and gave me a tbc fault. Eventually the brakes released and the power steering pump and Hydroboost system were replaced. Truck drove normally for a few days then the same problem happened again. This time only temporarily. Both times that it lost power steering and bakes, the wheels were turned full lock to the right with the brakes applied for 3- 4 minutes or more.The shop flushed the lines again but could not duplicate the problem. Is there another issue here and should i be concerned that this will happen again? I’m a little worried about this happening while cruising down the interstate or in rush hour traffic. Me and the shop are out of ideas, any help would be appreciated.

With the wheel held at full lock and the brakes applied the pressure is at the limits of the regulator and sustained operation at that high pressure would likely cause the fluid to cavitate and foam, resulting in a total lack of pressure. The cavitation could damage the pump and/or any parts of the system. It is not wise to hold power steering at full lock.

Gotta bow out on a system I am not trained on,but I can say you are most likely dealing with a design error.Try to educate yourself of the design, development, troubleshooting of the system. If you want to compare notes with someone (good thing to do) look for someone with some type of factory training (probably just watching a DVD these days)

Would be nice to know the ideas that the group doing the work have on the subject.