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Power Steering - advice need fora 1997 Cadillac

I have a Cadillac Deville, bought new in 1997. When I was in TN and noticed a leak in the engine. A local hillbilly mechanic said that the leak was in the Power Steering and fixed at a cost of 6-7 hundred dollars. A month of so later I drive to Albuquerque, NM. Just as I was nearing Amarillo, TX, I started hearing noise in the front of the car. There was no noise when the car was going in the straight line but the noise will start as soon as I turned the front wheels. I consulted a friend, who claims, to be the greatest car mechanic in the world, by phone. He said that there was no oil in the power steering box but no problem. Just drive to Albuquerque, NM and have it fixed there. After arriving in ABQ, I took the car to PepBoys and they fixed the leak in the Power Steering and charged me 6-7 bucks. A few months later the leak started again. Back to PepBoys! They said that there is a leak in the Power Steering. I told them that the Power Steering was still under warranty since they fixed it just few months ago. They said that they fixed the ?Lower Part? of the Power Steering and the leak is now in the ?Upper Part?. It will cost me 6-7 hundred dollars to fix it. What is going on? Are these guys jacking me around? What should I do? FYI, the car has 75 miles on it.