Power Seats

It’s about time to retire our 1996 Olds 98. “The Boss” needs to have a power seat with the control switch ON THE DOOR for easy access.

We’re looking for a new or 2004 or newer used car.

Power steering, power brakes, AM/FM radio with CD or cassette tape player. 6 cylinder engine are definite pluses.

We’re both rather large people and need a roomy front seat and large trunk for her walker.

Any suggestions???

Well the car that am recomending is not a 2004 car it is a 1999 and 2000 BMW 328i with power seats on the the drivers side and on the passengers side you say that you are ‘‘Big People’’ but it is very big and comfterble and the trunk is very big and it has heated seats. Well depending on the model it comes with heated seats cassette player or CD player it comes in automatic and manual with cruise control and it has a 6 cillender engine click on this to see one on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/BMW-3-Series-328i-Sedan-2000-BMW-328i-Super-Clean-with-LOW-MILES-53k_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6007QQihZ012QQitemZ220183543232QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

I love my Chrysler Pacifica, and it has the features you specified, but it’s a so-called “crossover vehicle”, not a sedan. They weren’t all that popular, and have been discontinued, so used ones are an absolute bargain. I bought my fully loaded '05 a year ago with 30K miles on the clock. The original list price was over $40K, but I paid only $23,500 from a dealer. If you can swing it, go for an '07- they have a bigger, more powerful engine but better fuel economy due to the addition of a 6-speed automatic and a couple of other tweaks.

You may have a problem finding a lot of choices of models that put the seat controls on the door but there are a number that have the seat position memory button on the door. So once the seat is adjusted the way you want it all you do is set the memory and then push the memory recall button on the door to recall the position.

Many seniors like the space of the Ford Crown Victoria as well as the Ford 500, now called the Taurus. There are many Crown Victorias for sale used as well as the Mercury Grand Marquis, or Lincoln Town Car, basically the same car. Taxi firms love these cars since no one ver complains about lack of space in the fron or rea seats. Prices are very reasonable for 2 or 3 year old ones. I would stay awwy from anything European, no matter how good the seats are!!! You will have to get used to more and much more expensive maintenance. People who like European cars seem to have grown up with them over the years.

Do you like the Olds? If so, you might like a full size Buick. The LeSabre and Park Avenue are both large cars. I think that the Park Avenue would be closest to the Olds 98. Buick started the Lucerne in 2006 and discontinued the other two. I have had both LeSabres and Lucernes as rental cars. I prefer the Lucerne. Test drive both. You might also like a Toyota Avalon or a used Lexus. Test drive them, and the Ford products mentioned, to see what you like. You can see pictures of them and get feature information at Cars.com, edmunds.com, vehix.com, and some other URLs.