Car for Big Driver

6’5", 320 lbs. I’m looking for a new car that has room for me. Prefer good mileage, and 4 WD if possible.

Any big people happy with the space in their new car?


The new VW Bug is quite popular with ‘large frame’ folks.

For 4WD, Sububan if you can afford the fuel.

Frankly comfort is very very subjective. You are going to spend a lot of money so I suggest spending the time to check out all cars that you would consider, including those that you might think would be too small for you.

I’ll second the VW New Beetle suggestion. I have a friend who’s about your size, and he loves the big, wide door opening on his New Beetle. He says it’s the easiest car to get in and out of he’s ever owned.

Ford Taurus/500 redesign is a good size car with AWD. The huge bonus is major depreciation in the used market.

Check out comedian Gabriel Iglesias. He’s a BIG (fluffy) man (well over 350lbs) and owns a VW bug. Does a very funny routine about owning it.

Find a car show near you and check them out, or take 3 hrs on Saturday to try out lots of cars. Car fit is extremely individual.

Thanks for your replies.
The Beattle has the shift handle boring into my leg. The other VW models have pressure of the console gainst my right leg. It seems most cars hve the shift in the raised console. Still will try Ford and Jeep.

Car fit is extremely individual.

I’ll agree with that…Chryco had a problem for a while with many of their vehicles back in the 80’s. Seems the people they had testing out their vehicles all had very very short legs. I rented a Omni ONCE…In order for my legs to be comfortable (knees NOT hitting the dash)…I had to put the seat all the way back. But when I did…I then had to lean forward to reach the steering wheel. The car was designed for someone UP TO 5’11" with an inseam no more then 30".

If I were you, I’d just go around and sit in them and take a short test drive. 6’5"
and 320 is a very personal difference from the average. You will know it’s good when
you ‘wear’ it - just like your pants and shirts.

4wd with good mileage? That’s a tall order

I’m not big anymore, but I know someone who’s 300+ and fits just fine in my xB, which is not a 4wd. Suzuki SX4 is similarly sized and is about the cheapest brand new 4wd you can buy. Subaru Legacy is another big car with 4wd.

xB-That’s the Toyota Scion?

Don’t just sit in the cars you think might work. Drive one for at least half an hour. Overnight would be better, but few dealers will allow that, probably for insurance reasons. Certain things won’t bug you enough to turn a car down in a simple “sit test”.