Power loss

I have a 2000 ford taurus, when driving especially going uphill or trying to pass whenever i step down on the gas the car just hangs. i say its the transmission, but my wife thinks it may be something else. what are the other possible causes of this problem.

What do you mean by hangs??

How long does it last???

First, you need to tell us the odometer mileage on this car and you need to give us details on its maintenance history.

(Hint: If you tell us that it has been “well-maintained”, that is essentially meaningless. I would like you to compare your maintenance records to the mfr’s maintenance schedule and tell us how everything compares.)

I have asked you to provide this information because it is pretty much useless to attempt to diagnose a problem if a vehicle is not up to date with all of its maintenance.

The car doesn’t accelerate well, and lacks power, is that it? When it doesn’t accelerate, does the engine rpm increase, or decrease, or change gears?
Did that scheduled, routine, maintenance you had performed include changing the fuel filter and air filter.
What size is the engine? Does it have an automatic transmission? Does the check engine light (symbol) come on?

Are you saying it takes a long time to shift?