Power door locks weak - now not working

01 Dodge Dakota. Power locks started to weaken, then only opened the front doors, then only the front passenger door, now not even that. There is still the same clicking noise that sounds whenever I try to lock or unlock them (the same noise as when they worked). It seems like there is not enough power. Acts the same whether it’s running or not. Any advice?

The locks are controlled by a Central Timer Module. Check to see that power is getting to pins 25 and 26. Also check to see if pin 6 is getting a good ground connection. If those points check good then the module may be bad internally.

How cold is it where you live??

I ask b/c my car has developed a similar problem, and it seems to be cold weather related. I haven’t worried abt it much since I have no friends, and therefore nobody ever rides with me; but I figure the lock solenoid in the door either needs some grease, or the grease on there is getting hard in cold temperatures, making it difficult for the solenoid to actuate the push rod.

It’s not terribly cold where I live (Western Washington State). And this has been happening before and during the summer as well so I don’t think it’s tempurature related. But I will check the grease and the solenoid anyway. Thanks for your post!