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Power door locks on pt cruiser

I own a 2001 pt cruiser. About a month ago for no apparent reason while driving at low speed when the auto door locks were locking they seemed to be “fluttering”. The interior light came on and the dash indicated that the hatch was ajar. Stopped and re-closed the hatch, all was well. Then about 2 weeks later the auto door locks did not try to lock when reaching speed of 15 mph. Locks will not lock with the key fob, or the inside door buttons. Have to manually push the locks down and unlock with the key. Fuses have been checked and all appear fine. What could cause this and where do we go from here??

Check the door lock relay. Fluttering is usually caused by a weak relay with burnt contacts.

As a home mechanic is this something I can access, if so, where is this relay located?