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Potential Puzzler Spoiler: Is Wednesday too early to beg for puzzler hints?

This week’s puzzler – the one about the diesel trucks that won’t start – has me completely stumped. How can someone just standing in front the truck affect whether it starts or not in cold weather?

The only thing I can even think of is maybe it has something to do with the glow plugs. But that’s just a wild guess. Maybe it has to do with the injector pump? Doesn’t seem likely. In Colorado we had to plug our cars into an electrical outlet to keep the engine warm some nights. Maybe something to do with that? Actually, the truth be told, I’m clueless.

So is it too early in the week to beg for a little hint?

Ok, that’s something I guess. It seems the hood ornaments identifies it as a Mack truck. The Bulldog apparently is a reference to WW I. British soldiers nicknamed the Mack AC models “Bulldog Macks” because they were tough trucks that kept going in difficult war conditions. The ornament appeared on the truck in 1933. It functions as a grip for opening the hood.

Thinking … thinking … thinging … sigh … I remain stumped.

I was clearly over-thinking this one! lol