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Potential problem with pumping in fuel

Hi everyone: When refueling my car today, I put the nozzle in and the little circular piece of metal that acts as a door snapped and fell in the tank. How big a problem is that, if at all? Thanks in advance to you.

Does your tank also have a gas cap? If so, don’t worry about it. That little piece is too big to be ingested into the fuel pump.

If it is a capless system like Ford uses, the assembly will need to be replaced because a check engine light will be on shortly if it isn’t now and your gas tank with have no seal.

Complete disaster. The car’s ruined!

I kid - you’ll be fine. There’s a sock filter over the pump inlet in the tank, so even if the flapper somehow gets up to the pump, it won’t be sucked in. Most likely it will sit on the bottom of the tank with the other built up sediment for the rest of the car’s life.

I do indeed have a gas cap. Cheap plastic thing, but it works. Many thanks to both you and shadowfax, Mustangman!

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