Jeep Electrical problem fixed by Battery "Reboot" aka The Chrysler Matrix Rebooted

“Knowledge is Power!” . . . literally. Yesterday I posted about my electrical woes with my Jeep Grand “Liability” Laredo SE. I even posted some videos on youtube that demonstrate the erratic behavior of my dashboard gauges and weird clicking.

Carveaholic was close to solving the problem when he told me to clean the terminals on the battery with an emory cloth, however the real trick to banishing these electrical gremlins back to their Chrysler designed matrix is to remove the negative battery terminal for at least 20min to an hour. I waited the full hour. Reconnected the negative battery terminal and instant ignition.

I also tested the voltage with my multimeter prior, during and after ignition to rule out the need for a new “car voltage regulator” or a new alternator.

Here’s a great video to demonstrate: http://www…lator.html

So for all of you Jeep owners out there who encounter this problem this definitely works. Thanks to the great “repair and maintenance” section on for pointing me to this bit of powerful knowledge.

" #438 of 442Check the diagnostic code and… by jeepssuck Nov 21, 2010 (11:10 am)

Do the “turn the key backward three times” trick to determine the diagnostic code (for more detail, search through these forums and the ones on Another thing to try is to clean the contacts on the BCM with contact cleaner. The BCM on some of the later models (2000) used to be inside, under the dash near the glove box. Also, check the wiring near the boot on either door. Sometimes the wiring becomes frayed from opening/closing the doors. One more thing…a temp. fix to these stupid electrical problems is to disconnect the battery, leave disconnected for at least an hour, then reconnect. It tends to “reboot” the electrical system, similar to the reboot of a PC.

Finally, try to find a mechanic locally with experience in working on the Jeeps. DO NOT TAKE THE VEHICLE TO A DEALERSHIP TO BE WORKED ON! They won’t find the problem, and it will cost you $$$$."

used carma says:


Also, if you fix it a lot by doing that, it’s a sign that the computer is going. I’m happy that somebody finally had success by using my recommendation which needed some support here. I quit suggesting it because there was no reported success. I hate being the only lucky car nut. It’s the recognition I guess. My other one is to clean the engine to body ground…

Don’t pop a cork just yet, many times people think these problems are solved.but they return.