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Post-Repair from shop and further damage

I had an accident and my front end suspension was damaged on the passenger front side. Damages on the physical body were to the Fender, some to the front door, and front bumper. It was towed to a shop, the shop estimate called for replacement of Axle, Upper and Lower control arms, and other suspension components. Prior to the accident, the car drove like a dream, no noises, no squeaks, or squeals…after 8 weeks at the shop, it came back and the drivers side seat is very visibly and violently shaking, the brakes are squealing and squeeking whether the are depressed or not, they replacement wheel and tire where not put on the front but on the back, during the 8 weeks at the shop, it was outside in the “elements” with ALL of the wheels and tires (and all components stripped off and up on jacks, the wheel housing on all 4 wheels is not rusted all over, after a week or so, and phone calls, with no answer, then begun a grinding noise when the brakes where pressed, even if it was very very light. The brake pads were aftermarket, but brand new, i did notice the plate behind the rotor has a dent in it and was not replaced. After 2 months of my insurance company arguing and trying to force me to take it back to the same shop (which I refused because they acknowledged they had not gotten it aligned after repair), I took it to the volvo dealership - it now has hot spots on the rotors and the brakes need done, the struts are now leaking, the axle installed was found to be faulty and I had been driving on it for 2 months (on the freeway mostly) and i believe that due to the faulty axle or other undiscovered damages to the suspension in the accident, thus the new damages. Is it possible that the faulty axle would have an effect on the rest of these issues?

This is not uncommon. They’re a body shop, not a parking garage. Cars actually being worked on go inside the shop. Cars not actually being worked on go outside the shop.

I don’t understand why this is a bad thing.

That’s the rotor shield. Its job is to keep road debris from getting to the rotor. It’s a cheap piece of metal. It looks like crap the day it’s installed. As long as the dent is not contacting the rotor, it’s probably fine.

Now, all that aside, the rest of what you said makes it sound like the shop did a lousy job on your car.

It’s hard to know what you’re saying here, but I’ll answer this way. Is insurance paying for the dealership to fix the problems? If so, then why do you care? If not, strangers on a car forum aren’t going to help you - you need to get a statement from a mechanic who actually looks at the car to the effect of “the axle installed by the body shop damaged X, Y, and Z components.”

OK, so I apologize for mistyping,

the wheel housing on all 4 wheels is not rusted all over,
I don’t understand why this is a bad thing.


I understand about the rotor shield and i do know that shops do work n a busy time frame. However, that said, in my mind the time frame comes into play because the insurance company left a balance on the rental car for me to pay because i was out of town when they did complete the work after extending the date 2 times and i dont feel i should have to pay for it.

That said - NO the insurance company is paying NOTHING! They are saying EVERY BIT OF damage to the struts, brakes, rotors, not getting an alignment and so on is NOT AT ALL RELATED TO THE ORIGINAL ACCIDENT SUSPENSION DAMAGE OR MAKING ME DRIVE AROUND ON A FAULTY AXLE FOR 2.5 months?
I have exhausted my ability to continue paying out of pocket for a rental as they have not taken care of that either and my car is sitting at the shop, completed and i am being left with the bill. I have filed a complaint with the state and now have to be able to show that there is damage as a result and it should not be my responsibility. I am at my wits end and trying to find answers. I do not feel as though it is possible to have installed a faulty axle and not have the front end re-aligned and NOT have subsequent problems. I also had requested 2 other appraisals and was denied?

Well, I don’t really see how an axle will make a strut leak. It’s more likely the struts were not changed, or defective struts were installed. In either case, that’s on the body shop. Same for the rest of the components you are saying are damaged. The axle just sits there and transmits rotation from the engine to the wheel. You can take the axle out entirely and not damage any of those components.

I’m not sure your understanding of what a “wheel housing” is is accurate, as what you can see of the wheel housing should be plastic which does not rust. Which components exactly are you saying are rusted? And in what way do you think storing it outside at the body shop rusted them when storing it outside in your driveway would not have?

If the way you’re writing here is how you’re communicating with your insurance company, you’re not doing yourself any favors. You need to write in a calm and rational manner, whereas here you’re coming off as though you’re screaming and ranting. The insurance company needs to know to take you seriously.

What exactly is your theory as to how the axle broke the brakes?

It’s really sounding to me like the body shop did a crappy job repairing your car, and the insurance company wants to wash its hands of the matter. Who’s your insurance? Progressive is one that’s known for pulling stunts like this.

At any rate, I’m still having a hard time parsing what exactly you’re saying is wrong with the car, but if I have this right and the insurance company is trying to say that you do not need an alignment following suspension work then they are dead wrong.

For the rest, I’ll ask that you start over and explain clearly what was wrong when you filed the insurance claim, and what’s wrong now.