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Post oil change gurgling

I just changed my oil for the first time in my 2006 Scion XB. Until now I had free oil changes from the dealer where I bought it, and besides having to stick a screwdriver through the overly tightened oil filter to wrench it off, the oil change was pretty straight forward.

After checking the dipstick and seeing that the proper amount of oil had been added, I started the car to see if any oil would leak. i ran the car for a few minutes and there were no leaks but the engine was making a gurgling sound. I turned the car off and checked the dipstick again and it read that it was half a quart low.

If you know what is going on, please tell me what this gurgling is, where my oil has gone and how can I make this all go away?


Gurgling noises are most commonly associated with the cooling system, not the oil. Can you figure out (the best you can) whereabouts on the engine this noise was coming from?

How much oil does the owner’s manual specify for an oil change? If you filled it up to “Full” on the dipstick, it’s not unusual to read a bit low after it’s been run. The new oil filter needed to fill up with oil, along with any cooler hoses that might’ve drained (if you have them).

One other thing, in case you’re wondering: Oil filters don’t need to be super-tight. Once the gasket makes contact with the mating surface, an additional 1/2 to 3/4 turn is all that’s needed. You probably already knew that, but it makes things easier with future oil changes.

I turned the car off and checked the dipstick again and it read that it was half a quart low.

It is best to check the oil after the engine has been turned off for a few minutes, OT allow the oil to drain back and to measure it on a level surface. Remember too much oil is even worse that two little.

I can’t imagine what the gurgling sound could have been. Unless it was the system being refilled with oil. I assume you put the filter on empty? Mine is open side up, and although most will tell you I’m being obsessive, I always fill it before installation.

However, I did notice that You had to take a screwdriver to the old filter. Let me make some suggestions.

Spend a few bucks on a good filter wrench that firmly grabs the filter housing around the outside. The ones that fit like an oversized socket are useless. My favorite is one I have that has a conically coiled spring that wraps around the entire canister, tightening as I turn. Unfortunately, they apparently don’t make them anymore. It’s from the late '70s or early '80s and won’t fit the new peanut-sized filters. My new one has three large, spring loaded fingers that grab the canister. A good filter wrench can be a lifesaver.

For installation I clean the mating face, lube the filter threads and gasket with a bit of oil, then install it firmly wrist tight using a dispozable latex glove for goood grip. I never use a wrench to install an oil filter.

I have nothing to add to what the others have said as to where the 1/2 quart was.

I could understand you hearing a gurgling sound if you were running the engine with the oil fill cap off,were you?