2006 Honda Accord botched oil change

Botched oil change.
I had an oil change yesterday on my way home car was very loud and shaking it stalled out so I called place I had oil change done and they said bring car back we noticed oil dripping out when you left duh, Instead of me driving back and chance breaking down I asked manager to come to me and he did , well turns out most of the oil leaked out he had to put in almost 5 quarts now my exhaust sounds like it’s getting loud could this be from oil change or lack of or just general wear and tear?

Your engine is likely destroyed. Having to add 5 quarts means your engine ran without any oil in in for some time and destroyed it. The oil change place - let me guess - Jiffy Lube or similar quick change place? - left the drain plug out or didn’t replace the filter or left two filter gaskets in place.

The oil change place OWES you a new engine. If they even argue with you AT ALL, hire a lawyer that specializes in such claims and go after them like a honey badger on a snack.

Good Luck