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Noise after oil change

I changed my oil a few weeks ago (2005 Rav-4) and ever since I have this low humming sound every time I press on the gas. I have replaced the oil filter again, replaced the air filter, etc, but nothing helps. I did leak some oil when pouring it into the reservoir. This happened once 2 years ago when I had my oil changed by a pro, but it stopped shortly thereafter. This time it’s just getting worse. Any suggestions?

Pour it into the reservoir? It should go into the crankcase through a hole in the valve cover. Did you add oil correctly? Clean oil showing up on the dipstick? Did you use the proper grade and weight of oil?

I did leak some oil when pouring it into the reservoir.

I hope I am misunderstanding what you did. If that was the coolant, automatic transmission, windshield or brake reservoir, you should have some expensive problems now and they will only get a lot worse if you run the engine for any reason.

Are you sure you were putting the oil in the right place!


You HAVE checked the dipstick to verify that the crankcase has a sufficient amount of oil, correct?

Nurse Jay, Please Give The Exact Name And Location Of The Hospital Where You “Practice”!

Thanks, much!

As the other posters suggested, check your oil level first.

When I had the intake gasket replaced on my Blazer, there was a humming/buzzing sound when I stepped on the gas. I felt a vibration in the accelerator cable when I pressed on the pedal with my hand (truck in neutral/E-brake applied). When I looked under the hood, one of the tie downs for the cable was broken. One tie wrap fixed the problem. Check under the hood to verify all the cables/wires/hoses are secured properly.

Good luck,

Ed B.

My question,Why do so many of our “clients” relate their problem to either doing a oil change or not doing a oil change and having the idea that if "I changed my oil reqularly"that they can’t have other problems?

Oldschool makes a very good point. This situation may or may not be related to the recent oil change.

I have actually heard people (obviously not “the sharpest knives in the drawer”) say things like…

How can I need a new starter? I just had my oil changed last week!

To put this on a medical level, most people would be too smart to say something like, “How can I have (pick one) a stomach ulcer/fallen arches/sinus infection/glaucoma? I get enough sleep and I take vitamins!” However, those same people will relate almost any problem with their car to either a battery issue or something related to an oil change, even if the problem is something that is VERY FAR removed from the realm of possibilities for being related to those two issues.

I’d like to hear a description of this “resevoir” that the oil was poured into.

Because there are only three things you do with a car. Add gas, add oil Drive it. Well at least that is all most people know about. Too bad they can’t read an owner’s manual.

You Reminded Me Of My Pontiac GTO Days! … Gas, Tires, and Oil !

Sorry, I stuttered.