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Post-Accident Safety Belt Question

How do you reset safety belts after a wreck? It’s a VolksWagon Jetta and they will not lock, they stay loose.

You should call your Volkswagen dealer, and I suspect that they will tell you that you need to replace the belts. It’s possible that the tensioners are designed such that they must be replaced after an accident (perhaps something inside sacrifices itself).

Whether is it a Volkswagen or any other make of car, the safety belts need to be replaced after an accident.

Even though you were not aware of it, the belts stretched considerably as they slowed the momentum of the passengers who were restrained. Now, the belts have lost their structural integrity.

In addition, the pre-tensioners have served their purpose and are now useless. Replace both the belts and the pretensioners, otherwise you will have greatly dimininished protection in the event of another collision. Incidentally, your insurance should cover the cost of the parts that need to be replaced.