2006 Honda Accord Sdn - Seat belt issue

Seat belts have disengaged after a minor accident. What to do

Need a better description of the seat belt problem . But this sounds like something that any Collision Shop can fix. If insurance is involved then the Adjuster will need to know what you mean by ’ disengaged '.

The front seatbelts must be replaced. Seatbelts with a pretensioner mechanism are like airbags: one time use only.

Here’s some info about modern seat belt pre-tensioners.

Funny story, my old VW Rabbit’s seat belts didn’t have a pre-tensioner, but it had a little pendulum which would lock the otherwise retractable seat belt in event of crash. The pendulum would swing into lock-mode from the force of the decel of the crash presumably. A pendulum is a simple accelerometer. I had loaded the Rabbit to the gills in prep for a holiday trip. About 3 miles out of town, I stop for a “haircut” at McDonalds, but can’t get out of car, seat belt won’t retract. Bit of a problem … lol … eventually was able to finagle my way out of the car, but after urgent need taken care of, then had to take the seat belt mechanism apart, requiring my tools. Tool box was packed at the very bottom so had to remove all the stuff from the car in the McDonalds parking lot … lol … that’s the point I discovered the pendulum, and its spring. The problem was the spring constant had changed over time from use. Shortening the spring by 10%, followed by repacking the Rabbit, on my way again.