Possibly time to replace wiper pump on 2003 Tribute

Good afternoon!
Recently, both wiper fluid jets on my 2003 Mazda Tribute have been weak, I’m guessing they’re not BOTH blocked or obstructed, so would the community surmise that it’s time for me to replace the wiper pump? And if so, is this a difficult repair? Thanks!

Depending on where your washer tank is located and how buried it is depends on how hard it is. The ones i have done though have been very easy. But from the pump there is only one hose and then splits into 2 hoses once it gets closer to the fluid jets…so they could easily be plugged or restricted somewhere between the pump and the split…and that would effect the output to both of your jets.

Have you run a thin wire thru both of the spray nozzles? Look for any kink in the fluid hoses? Things like that? Does the washer motor still sound the same or weaker…different? Many X there is a check valve that holds the fluid in the hoses so that when you go to spray the fluid it is already primed up in the hoses so you don’t need to run the pump 15 seconds…Sometimes that check ball valve gets sticky and sort of chokes off the flow…something to check