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Possible to adjust brake pedal height in a Crown Vic?

I recently bought a 2004 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. One issue is that the brake pedal sits a little too high, making transitions from the gas to the brake kind of awkward. Is it possible to manually lower the brake pedal an inch or so?

You should be able to retrofit the vehicle with power adjustable pedals, if you want…

Here’s somebody retrofitting a 1998 PI with the pedals, which became available in 2001… your swap should be MUCH, MUCH easier as the PI probably has most of the same components as the retail version which came with power pedals, unlike this 98-01 swap…

Hmmm… thanks for the link. It’s a possibility down the road perhaps, but I would prefer to just get under there with a wrench and bang it out if possible. But I will certainly keep this in mind

But first look up there where the pedal stops for a rubber bumper. A car that age may be missing it which would allow the pedal up a bit. Check your brake light application with someone watching or with a reflective surface back there to see when they come on in relation to pushing the pedal. If they take a couple inches to come on, it’s probably the bumper that’s gone.
You wouldn’t want to "adjust " it beyond it perameters though. You may end up with partial brake application at all times.

Being an ex police car , you gotta wonder if it’s the GAS pedal that’s bent !

Good tips - I will check. Thanks!

I would recommend one of those outfits that modify vans for limited mobility drivers. 

You really don't want to do something that might come undone at the wrong time, I would not want you to do it if you happen to be in Ohio.