Lowering Brake Pedal height

The brake pedal height on my street rod is too high. How can I lower it to the height that most pedals are? - 36 Ford 3 window coupe street rod - brake is about 6 inches off of he floor - want it at 3

Perhaps get one with a shorter arm and adjust the linkage on the engine side of the firewall/floor to accommodate the difference.

I’m envious. Can you post a pix?

I have a neighbor with an old street rod (black), also 3 window, no hood and lots of chrome but I haven’t had a chance to talk with him or have a close look yet.

What about shortening the master cylinder push rod?

Some push rods are adjustable; some are not. If not, this should be a fairly easy modification.

I will try that. Frustrating. Here is a pic of my little car. hope you like it. 400 small block, olds rear end, 350 turbo tranny with 2300 stall, edelbrock dual plane intake, edelbrock 650 carb, block hugger headers, comp cam, roller tapped rockers, little engine work, other stuff, spiffed up a bit – driver, not a racer. Skeet

Sent the same pic twice - sorry