Possible Ignition Problems on 2011 Chevy Avalanche

I have a 2011 Chevy Avalanche with 163000 miles. Recently it has developed an issue where sometimes if I turn the key to start it, it won’t do anything. If I turn it back to the off position and try again it starts. I have also had a couple of instances where I start it, and then the engine will die but all of the guages still work and it’s like it is in accessory mode. I am assuming that it is an ignition switch that needs replaced but wasn’t sure if there was something else that could be causing it. I have seen on some forums that it could be an alternator issue or a broken ground wire or something like that. Any ideas would be helpful as I know from personal experience that ignition switches can be a pain to replace.

Yes it could be the ignition switch, or a ground, or a fuel pump or a long list of things.

Is the check engine light on? If yes, post the codes. If no, read below…

Does it happen often enough to catch it on a scanner while it refuses to crank? If it does, it needs to be scanned to have a hint as to what the PCM is NOT seeing when you try to crank it. Not sure what tools you have… so help us out.

Are you going to try and fix it yourself? And can you scan the computer system while this happens?

I do have a code reader that I can use to check for codes. Normally no the check engine light isn’t on but I keep my code reader with me so the next time it happens I can do what you suggest. It doesn’t happen often but it has started to happen more than what it used to i.e. it started doing it about 8 months ago and did it once. Now it is doing it every couple of weeks. Thanks for the suggestions!

You need more than a simple code reader. The truck won’t throw a code unless it can identify a problem. It isn’t throwing a code so it can’t identify a problem. You need the ability to scan the truck… that is different than just pulling codes

OR you need to get a mechanic to scan the truck when this is happening. It will cost you something but without this, you are unlikely to fix the problem.

There is a problem with the starter and/or its related circuitry; engine codes have nothing to do with it, if I am reading your post correctly (no sound or movement when you turn the key). The first thing to try is putting the transmission in neutral when this happens. If that works, the problem is in the neutral safety switch.

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When you try to start the engine and nothing happens it means that power isn’t getting through the ignition switch for some reason. The trouble could be due to a faulty connection clear back to and including the battery connections. Clean the battery connections and make sure they are snug tight, but not not over tight on the battery posts.

When the engine dies while running I would suspect a fuel issue as the most likely cause of the problem but there are a number of other possibilities.

Thank you. Didn’t think about the neutral safety switch.