PLEASE HELP 03 chevy cavalier

my car has a really random problem!!! sometimes my car just wont start… i put the key in the ignition and it makes a click sound…the lights and radio come on the car just wont start…sometimes i wait 10 min and it starts and other times i wait hours for it to start…sometimes i can go days with it starting everytime and sometimes it wont start at least once a day…I took it to the shop and they replaced the ignition switch, starter, fuel filter, fuel pump, battery, and fuel injector. NOTHING IS WORKING! the shop gave up on my car…Im at a loss… HELP!!!

[b]I’d Be Tempted To Take A Jumper Cable And Make Another “Ground” By Jumping From The Negative (-) Battery Terminal To A Clean Spot On Engine Metal.[/b]

Don’t take anything off, just add the cable as a second ground.

This might not work, but it’s easy. Have that cable ready to try when it goes belly up. If it starts, the problems is with the car’s ground cable.

Did the shop thoroughly clean all cable connections (both ends) and check ground straps? It sounds like they took care of the battery ends and the positive starter cable end.