Possible Frame Damage on 2002 Jaguar

My wife was front ended by a 2008 Nissan Armada. She drives a 2002 Jaguar X-Type. The impact was on the passenger side bumper. The bumper has a huge hole because the Armade had a trailer hitch. The hood is bent, the two right headlamps are completely broken. The quarter is also damage, But here’s the kicker, if you put the car in reverse it does not roll back on its own, you have to put the gas on and it sounds like it is rubbing on something. The insurance has not come out yet, but I am curious to find out if there is frame damage. Incidently, the car was in another accident earlier this year. We just had it repaired. The point of impact was on the driver’s side. Could the frame be weak from the other accident? Any comments are great.

To the best of my knowledge, the Jaguar X-type is of unitized construction, and thus, does not have a frame. However, don’t take that as a sign of encouragment. While the chassis of a unit body car can be straightened with the proper expertise and the appropriate equipment, there is a question thereafter regarding the vehicle’s ability to protect the occupants properly in the event of a major crash.

I am not claiming that your vehicle has suffered damage to the unitized chassis (obviously I can’t see it), but if it has, you should bear this information in mind.

Something has been pushed back by the crash and is rubbing. The rubbing item could be restricting movement of the wheel enough to allow the energy at idle to be fully absorbed by the torque converter. It sounds like the damage was restricted to the right front corner ins such as manner as to be well forward of the unibody, however without looking it’s impossible to say.

I hope she isn;t driving it like this. The rubbing could easily cause a safety problem. It could affect handling and could easily blow the tire.

If it wasn’t enough to blow the airbags, I doubt there is any unit body or subframe damage.

What sort of accident did the car have previously?

I think you four wheel drive ? if you do it could a drive shaft rubbing against the sub frame if body is bent. it does not take much to bend
these uibody but a good shop with frame machine can put it bolt it down the machine will twist it back into shape. the only things I feel this makes this spot weaker since it has bend bent once.