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Possible electrical problem

My 2005 Elantra has no running lights, a/c won’t come on, dash lights don’t come on, and lights flicker on the dash when I have started the car and it has been on for a few minutes. Any ideas of where I can look for a short or possible main fuse box in the engine? All the fuses in the interior box are fine. Headlights, wipers, and radio all work fine.

The AC problem might be unrelated to the others. Hard to say. Do the dash gauges seem to work ok, the fuel gauge, engine coolant temp gauge, speedometer?

When you turn the key to on but before you start the engine, does the check engine light come on?

Check the fuses under the hood also. The dash lights and running lights are tied together. The flickering lights most likely means that there are bad diodes inside the alternator which is causing excessive ripple voltage. Have the charger system and battery checked.