I hit an item on the rode and my transmission oil started leaking and tire popped

I’m really concerned about this. I hit something that was left on the road and my transmission oil started leaking. I got my car towed to my place. I’m taking it to a mechanic tomorrow. How much does this usually cost?

Seriously, it can’t be seen over the web so what the leak is going to be will take someone to actually look at it.

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There is nothing “usual” about hitting a random road item in a random way with your car so there is no way to estimate what this will cost without eyes looking at the car.

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If you have full coverage insurance, check with your insurance company.


Somewhere between $50 and $5000. If you are lucky you just broke a connector on a transmission cooler line. A little less lucky, you poked a hole in the transmission pan. And really unlucky, you need a replacement transmission. Don’t turn what might be a minor problem into a major one by operating the vehicle before this problem is repaired. I’m guessing your bill will be closer to $500 than $5000.

Yikes. I only drove to the mechanic. He was a mile away from me. I hope that’s fine. The only thing is once I got there… the car wouldn’t reverse or drive when changing gears.(the gears changed per normal no sound or anything). Is that a bad sign or good sign?

It’s not a good sign. But it doesn’t portend complete disaster either. Rather than speculating, let the shop have a look-see. If you have questions after they report back to you, post back. Best of luck.


Unfortunately, a mile is enough to do serious damage. Keep your fingers crossed.

It’s a sign that you lost your transmission fluid. What it will cost depends on what was hit. Could be the line, the radiator, transmission pan, etc. Yeah anywhere from a couple hundred to a thou or who knows, assuming no damage from driving. I lost my radiator hitting a raccoon and it cost me $700, but was covered by insurance since it was a live coon before I hit him. No such luck though with road debris. Personally though, I’ve never had internal transmission damage by losing the fluid-only if the clutches are slipping and you drive it that way.