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Hidden damage?

My car was rear-ended pretty hard in a parking lot and pushed over the parking stop while it was in park. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with the alignment but could the transmission or anything else) have been damaged?

When this happens the oil drain plug or the oil pan is often damaged. This happened to a friend of mine and he lost all his oil and ruined the engine.

You need to take it to a good mechanic have him inspect the undercarriage after explaining to him what happened.

Also notify your insurance since this type of thing should be covered in your policy under “hit and run” damage.

Unless the car has been on the alignment rack and the suspension inspected very closely I would not rule out a problem. A car may appear to drive fine and yet may have some issues.

Yes, it is possible to suffer transmission or axle damage from a hard hit. Whether your car is damaged or not I have no idea.
The lower front around the A/C condenser should also be inspected for damage. (A/C leaks)

Damage is very possible since the vehicle was pushed over a parking stop. Your vehicle needs to be inspected closely.

Call your insurer immediately if you didn’t do it this afternoon. If you are covered and delay, it might cloud the issue.