What's the reason for a slight pull toward right hand side?

Hi, My car has a slight pull toward right hand side if I don’t hold the steering. I’m wondering what the problem is. The left and front wheel area hit a curve in this April. I have changed the left and front control arm, driving axel, 1 ball join, 2 wheel bearings and 2 shock absorbers, which is related to the accident. I also changed two front tires and did wheel alignment, but the pull is still remained. A mechanist said this may caused by the right and front control arm which might be bent also during the accident. Shall I change the right/ front control arm? Or is there another possible reason? My car is Honda civic 2007 2 dr.

Try switching the front tires side to side and see if it now pulls to the left…

Did you have a front wheel or 4 wheel alignment performed? If you just had the front wheels aligned, I would have a 4 wheel alignment performed and see what happens. I had a 1993 Oldsmobile 88 that developed a pull to the right for some unknown reason. A 4 wheel alignment at a good alignment shop cured the problem.

U put on NEW front tires? U changed them but did not specify.

Have someone check to see if the engine/transmission cradle is bent.

I had a Honda come in where the right front tire hit a curb. Not only did this bend the control arm, radius rod, and the strut, it also bent the cradle. Which the control arm is attached to.

That wasn’t fun to replace.


I’ve gotten involved with a few of those cradle changes such as Tester mentions for the same reason. Impact and it’s bent.

While not an ironclad method of checking things, you might try measuring from wheel to wheel on each side and comparing one to the other.
Run a tape measure from the back of the left front wheel (not tire) to the front of the left rear tire.
Do the same on the right side.
The measurements should be very close.

Also, as above w/the tape measure, see if the car body is the same height above the ground on both sides of the car. You may have a suspension component sagging on one side.

It could be another type of suspension problem too. If you can find a location to do so safely, try driving on a surface which is canted to the left rather than the right. Does it pull to the left now just as much as it used to pull to the right? If so, that’s an indication of some kind of a suspension problem.

And make sure the brakes are working correctly. If a brake on the right hand side is dragging, it will cause the car to pull to the right.