Intermittent Wiper Not Working

During a light rain, I turned on my intermittent wipers, however they didn’t come on. The regular and fast speeds work fine. The only other odd thing is that they no longer “nest” down when turned off like they used to. Any idea what the easiest thing to check is? I’m on a tight budget. Car is a Toyota Avalon 2000.

If the only symptom were the failure of the intermittent feature, I’d assume the problem was in the multi-function switch (stalk) on the steering column. But the failure of the blades to park properly suggests the problem lies within the wiper motor itself. This part is generally not repairable.

Since you are on a tight budget consider finding a used part on the internet and replacing it yourself, if you can. If your budget is extremely tight you can simply ignore the problem and continue to live with it. It ought not affect your car’s chances of passing state inspection, if so required.