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Position light failure message

I have a 2005 Volvo S60. Position light failure message remains on even though burned light bulbs have been replaced. Why?

Most likely it is due to a difference in brand of bulbs.
I can tell you that on my old Volvo, when any of the light bulbs burned out, unless it was replaced with the exact same brand of bulb, the “Bulb Burnout Indicator” would continue to glow.

Since the car came from the factory with bulbs whose brand was not available in the US, every burned out bulb led to the replacement of TWO bulbs. That was the least of my problems with that car, however.

Many thanks for the hint. I’ll pick up some extra bulbs at the local Volvo dealer. My non-Volvo mechanic who I have relied on since 1985 offerred the opinion that the mechanism that holds the bulbs in place has a sensor that is constantly monitoring for burned out bulbs. I’ve taken to asking anyone who has a late model Volvo if they have a problem similar to mine. The answer is ALWAYS yes. They can’t offer any solution other than they replace the bulbs. Oy vey:(

I inadvertently hit the flag as inappropriate reply button. Actually, your response made a lot of sense. Any suggestions as to how I might remove the flag from your message or does it not matter? Dave Dun

When one of my bulbs was replaced, the service guy had to reset the computer to get rid of the message.