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Bulb failure warning light

When I depress my brake pedal the bulb warning light eluminates, check fuses all good, replaced stop lights no change in symptoms. Kinda suspect bulb failure relay

what do ya’ll think

Have you verified whether or not the bulbs are actually illuminating? Don’t forget to check the highmount light too.

I can tell you from experience with my POS Volvo that the bulb burn-out warning mechanism is so sensitive that it reacts to the presence of bulbs of two different brands on the same circuit.

As a result of this situation, every time a tail light, or a brake light, or a parking light, or a license plate light burned out, I had to replace both bulbs at the same time, being sure to use the same brand. And, that was the least of my problems with that car.

Make sure that you have matched all of the monitored bulbs with the same brand on each circuit, and this problem will likely disappear.

highmount stop light comes on when the brake pedal is depressed. However both the license plate bulbs are out. So the post by VDCdriver is right on, will replace the license plate lights and see if this resolve the issue

Thanks for input and suggestions