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Jump starting equipment

I have seen devices that can be plugged into the dead battery car’s cigarette lighter to jump start the car. Does these devices really work. If it works, is it safe to use.

Yes. It works. And is safe. But, it is not as fast as jumper cables. Depending on how discharged the weak battery is, this device is slower than jumper cables. It is limited to a 10 amp charge to the weak battery (limit of the cigarette lighter fuse). If the battery is just a little too weak, may put enough charge to start in 5 mins. If it is way weak, may take an hour. But, this cannot add boost amps when trying to start the car.

A good set of jumper cables can handle large loads, and will boost the starting amps of the weak battery as well as charge the weak battery.

If the battery is really discharged, these type of devices won’t deliver enough current to the dead battery to get the engine to turn over. If you look at these devices they have really thin wires that go the cigarette lighter plug. And probably can’t handle anything over 10-15 amps. And if you’re in a hurry to get the vehicle jump started, this won’t do it.

If you want to get a vehicle jump started in a hurry, purchase a quality set of jumper cables with at least 4 gage wires.


I have this theory that direct current… But seriously, they are safe enough and may be worth it if they work. The “only one to consider” is the $40 Black & Decker Simple Start, according to a consumer magazine. November issue. I’ll let you guess which one.