Porsche water-cooled?

Anybody remember when Porsche went to a water-cooled engine for their 911? Rocketman

see http://www.idee.demon.nl/

1999 for the 911. Other models were earlier.

Thanks guys . . . I’m looking again . . . got the fever. Rocketman

the carrera went watercooled in 1999. just remember if it looks like a boxster in the front, it’s watercooled. the body is called the 996.

personally i would avoid the first models with the 3.4 liter engine. the boxster and carrera have several potential engine problems. if a later 3.6 liter which is a completely different engine is out of the budget, i would look at the last aircooled model ‘993’ from '95 to '98. much better car.